• I believe the WR of kills in Nightfire is on my name with a stunning 5192 kills.
  • Creating unique props in 3Ds Max
  • One of the many scrims and matches I played in Nightfire
  • Years of experience with level design programs like Hammer Editor
  • Thank you for all the years of entertainment with me!

Welcome back to my new website!

Hey there! Welcome back to my new website. Most of you will know me from the game Nightfire by the name Kenny.tw. I have been playing the videogame Nightfire for years. But this website is not only created for my career as Nightfire player. It is also dedicated for my contribution to the work-in-progress project Nightfire Source.
I am, on amateur level, a 2D/3D visual artist, level designer & texture artist. I have years of experience with Hammer Editor, modeling and graphic programs.

For more detailed information about me head over to about me & for some of my Nightfire related work head over to my gallery. To take a look at my old original website go to tutorials or at links. Note that the last update was around 2013, I do not support this tutorial anymore and most links are offline or frozen now.